Friday, 8 January 2010

Men in Ugg Boots

I cannot decide - men wearing uggs - yay or nay?

Saturday, 26 December 2009


So it is Boxing Day - presents have been opened, champagne drunk and polite conversation had with when is it socially acceptable to become a hermit and be glad that the festive period is coming to a close?

I have always liked the New Year period - not for failed resolutions but more for putting past the last year and getting on with the challenges of the next. This year has been a busy and challenging year but it is exciting to think what 2010 has to offer!

Just got to get through NYE where this year I think I might just hide under the duvet and curse the fireworks that are keeping me up and hopefully welcome 2010 in a more sober manner to the beginning of 2009!!

Sunday, 29 November 2009

Post weekend blues

Okay, so this weekend I have had a fab weekend - done lots and had a lot of fun with friends - so now I am in the midst of the post weekend blues. Other than planning lots of other things next week, any suggestions for a cure?

Friday, 27 November 2009

Hairbrush Hits

Okay, so favourite songs you play when you are getting ready to go out on the tiles - I will start

1) Man in the Mirror, Michael Jackson
2) Believe, Cher
3) On a night like this, Kylie

More please!


So the month Movember is almost over and men across this fair isle have risked ridicule and humilation for an entire month in order to raise money for prostate cancer research. The thing is, are there any Mo's out there that can make a man look good? Personally the five o clock shadow stubble can be quite sexy at times but the trash tash is another world entirely.

How much cleavage?

So how much cleavage needs to be on show before you are described as being slutty? For some ladies out there, it is virtually impossible to hide unless you are fully wrapped up in a polo neck.

So if the old rule of "less is more" still stands and you should only expose either boobs or legs - then how much boob / leg should be on show before you become a tart? Being "lucky" enough to have cleavage that seems to have a mind of its own, I can start evening perfectly respectable and then make a complete tit (yes pun intended) by the end of the night!

Text Sex

Okay - so recently I have been introduced to the world of text sex by curvy girl. This is not something that I am personally partaking in but am certainly intrigued by this slightly bizarre world that is existing. But the question, when does text flirting turn into text sex? Is it through the implication of what is happening or the plain filthy language being used?